LayerZero-Labs / sybil-report

LayerZero Sybil Reporting The deadline to self-report as sybil has passed. The publication of the initial list of addresses that are not eligible for bounty hunting can be found here. Successful reports result in the sybil addresses receiving nothing and the bounty hunter receiving 10% of the sybil’s intended allocation. Bounty hunters can use the information below to produce a report; however, submissions after the deadline will not be considered. All transaction data prior to Snapshot #1 can …

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felangel / data_class

Experimental support for data classes in Dart using macros.data_class 🚧 Experimental support for data classes in Dart using macros. ✨ Features 🪨 const constructors with required, named parameters 🖨️ copyWith with optional, nullable, named parameters ✨ toString for an improved string representation ☯️ operator== and hashCode for value equality 🧑‍💻 Example import 'package:data_class_macro/data_class_macro.dart'; @Data() class Person { final String name; } void main() { // 🪨 Creat…

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Azure-Samples / chat-with-your-data-solution-accelerator

A Solution Accelerator for the RAG pattern running in Azure, using Azure AI Search for retrieval and Azure OpenAI large language models to power ChatGPT-style and Q&A experiences. This includes most common requirements and best practices. name description languages products page_type urlFragment Chat with your data - Solution accelerator (Python) Chat with your data using OpenAI and AI Search with Python. python typescript bicep azdeveloper …

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ngc660sec / NGCBot

一个基于✨HOOK机制的微信机器人,支持🌱安全新闻定时推送【FreeBuf,先知,安全客,奇安信攻防社区】,👯Kfc文案,⚡备案查询,⚡手机号归属地查询,⚡WHOIS信息查询,🎉星座查询,⚡天气查询,🌱摸鱼日历,⚡微步威胁情报查询, 🐛美女视频,⚡美女图片,👯帮助菜单。📫 支持积分功能,⚡支持自动拉人,⚡检测广告,🌱自动群发,👯Ai回复,😄自定义程度丰富,小白也可轻松上手! NGCBot 一个基于✨HOOK机制的微信机器人,支持🌱安全新闻定时推送【FreeBuf,先知,安全客,奇安信攻防社区】,👯Kfc文案,⚡备案查询,⚡手机号归属地查询,⚡WHOIS信息查询,🎉星座查询,⚡天气查询,🌱摸鱼日历,⚡微步威胁情报查询, 🐛美女视频,⚡美女图片,👯帮助菜单。📫 支持积分功能,⚡支持自动拉人,⚡检测广告,🌱自动群发,👯Ai回复,😄自定义程度丰富,小白也可轻松上手! 感谢这么多兄弟喜欢我的项目,不过有很多兄弟们反馈微信客户端提示要升级,这个问题可以进群问群友,或者源HOOK作者(查克)大佬更新,一旦更新完此项目也…

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expo / react-conf-app

Conference App for React Conf 2024 This is the source code for the React Conf 2024 app. Download it from stores: Google Play, App Store. To run the app locally, clone the repo and install dependencies with yarn (yarn.lock was generated with Yarn v1). Next, either compile and run it locally or build and run it with EAS. Compile and run locally To compile the app locally, you will need to have Xcode (learn more) and/or Android (learn more) toolchains installed and configured. NoteIn order to be a…

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HigherOrderCO / Bend

A massively parallel, high-level programming languageBend Bend is a massively parallel, high-level programming language. Unlike low-level alternatives like CUDA and Metal, Bend has the feeling and features of expressive languages like Python and Haskell, including fast object allocations, higher-order functions with full closure support, unrestricted recursion, even continuations. Yet, it runs on massively parallel hardware like GPUs, with near-linear speedup based on core count, and zero expli…

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HigherOrderCO / HVM

A massively parallel, optimal functional runtime in RustHigher-order Virtual Machine 2 (HVM2) Higher-order Virtual Machine 2 (HVM2) is a massively parallel Interaction Combinator evaluator. By compiling programs from high-level languages (such as Python and Haskell) to HVM, one can run these languages directly on massively parallel hardware, like GPUs, with near-ideal speedup. HVM2 is the successor to HVM1, a 2022 prototype of this concept. Compared to its predecessor, HVM2 is simpler, faster a…

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Microsoft исправила 60 уязвимостей, включая баг, который эксплуатировал QakBot

Майский «вторник обновлений» компании Microsoft содержит патчи для 61 уязвимости, три из которых представляли собой 0-day и две активно эксплуатировались хакерами. К примеру, проблема CVE-2024-30051 была связана с DWM (Desktop Window Manager) и использовалась для доставки пейлоадов малвари QakBot.

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За 15 лет ботнет Ebury скомпрометировал более 400 000 Linux-серверов

Ботнет Ebury, существующий с 2009 года, заразил почти 400 000 Linux-серверов, и примерно 100 000 из них все еще скомпрометированы, сообщают аналитики ESET.

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