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SlejmUr / PayCheck3

PayDay 3 Server Emulator AttemptPayCheck3 PayDay 3 (Live/Master Branch) Server emulator Disclaimer You must own a legitimate copy of PAYDAY 3 to use this software, which can be purchased at The contributors of PayCheck3 in no way support piracy, and actively ensure that PayCheck3 does not work with an illegitimate copy. We're sorry to have caused any confusion that this could be used for piracy. This project is in no way affliated or endorsed by S…

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ChenyangSi / FreeU

FreeU: Free Lunch in Diffusion U-Net FreeU: Free Lunch in Diffusion U-Net Chenyang Si, Ziqi Huang, Yuming Jiang, Ziwei Liu S-Lab, Nanyang Technological University Paper | Project Page | Video We propose FreeU, a method that substantially improves diffusion model sample quality at no costs: no training, no additional parameter introduced, and no increase in memory or sampling time. 📖 For more visual results, go checkout our project page FreeU Code def Fourier_fil…

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Unity-Technologies / TermsOfService

Current and prior versions of the terms that apply to your use of the Unity Editor software.UNITY EDITOR SOFTWARE ADDITIONAL TERMS We are republishing this GitHub repository, where you can find all current and prior versions of our Unity Editor Software Additional Terms (previously titled ‘Unity Software Additional Terms’) from June 28, 2016. is the best place to find all of our latest agreements all in one place. Other agreements may be applicable to you depending on the produ…

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dvlab-research / LongLoRA

Efficient long-context fine-tuning, supervised fine-tuning, LongQA dataset. LongLoRA: Efficient Fine-tuning of Long-Context Large Language Models News [2023.9.22] We release our 13B and 70B 32k models with the supervised fine-tuning, which is feasible for long context QA. Please check Llama-2-13b-chat-longlora-32k-sft and Llama-2-70b-chat-longlora-32k-sft. To our best knowledge, this is the first work that release 70B model with 32k context length. [2023.9.22] We release all our fine-tuned m…

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ananthakumaran / paisa

Paisa – Personal Finance Manager. demo: https://demo.paisa.fyiPaisa Paisa is a Personal finance manager. It builds on top of the ledger double entry accounting tool. Checkout documentation to get started. Demo A demo of the Web UI can be found at Status I use it to track my personal finance. It's more like alpha product now, usable, but I might update things based on the feedback I receive. Feel free to open an issue if you found a bug or start a discussion if you ha…

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jaytaph / gosub-browser

A html5 tokenizer / parser that hopefully grow up to be a browserGoSub: Gateway to Optimized Searching and Unlimited Browsing A feeble attempt on writing a browser and learning rust. Note: code in the main branch is currently not stable and might not even compile. _ | | __ _ ___ ___ _ _| |__ / _` |/ _ \/ __| | | | '_ \ | (_| | (_) \__ \ |_| | |_) | \__, |\___/|___/\__,_|_.__/ __/ | The Gateway to |___/…

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InternLM / lmdeploy

LMDeploy is a toolkit for compressing, deploying, and serving LLMs. English | 简体中文 👋 join us on Twitter, Discord and WeChat News 🎉 [2023/09] TurboMind supports InternLM-20B [2023/09] TurboMind supports all features of Code Llama: code completion, infilling, chat / instruct, and python specialist. Click here for deployment guide [2023/09] TurboMind supports Baichuan2-7B [2023/08] TurboMind supports flash-attention2. [2023/08] TurboMind supports Qwen-7B, dynamic NTK-RoPE scaling…

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atomicals / atomicals-js

Atomicals CLI and Javascript LibraryAtomicals Javascript Library Documentation: Install, Build and Run Tests Install Download the github repo and then run: npm install npm build See all commands at: npm run cli --help Quick Start - Command Line (CLI) First install packages and build, then follow the steps here to create your first Atomical and query the status. Use yarn clito get a list of all commands available. 0. Environment File (.env) The en…

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Xwin-LM / Xwin-LM

Xwin-LM: Powerful, Stable, and Reproducible LLM Alignment Powerful, Stable, and Reproducible LLM Alignment Step up your LLM alignment with Xwin-LM! Xwin-LM aims to develop and open-source alignment technologies for large language models, including supervised fine-tuning (SFT), reward models (RM), reject sampling, reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF), etc. Our first release, built-upon on the Llama2 base models, ranked TOP-1 on AlpacaEval. Notably, it's the fi…

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