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Your AI second brain. A copilot to get answers to your questions, whether they be from your own notes or from the internet. Use powerful, online (e.g gpt4) or private, local (e.g mistral) LLMs. Self-host locally or use our web app. Access from Obsidian, Emacs, Desktop app, Web or Whatsapp. The open-source, personal AI for your digital brain 🤖 Read Docs   •   🏮 Khoj Cloud   •   💬 Get Involved   •   📚 Read Blog Khoj is an application that creates always-available, personal AI agents …

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hudy9x / namviek

The open-source project manager for tiny teamsThis project is an open-source project manager for small teams with low budget. It includes essential features for running your team. Who is this for ? This project is a great fit for people with developer skills who are running a small team on a limited budget, similar to me. Read full the post What tech stack I use Next.js Node.js MongoDB Redis What features are packed in ? As mentioned before, this app includes some essential features for a sm…

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GPT4V-level open-source multi-modal model based on Llama3-8BCogVLM2 中文版README 👋 Join our Wechat · 💡Try it Online 📍Experience the larger-scale CogVLM model (GLM-4V) on the ZhipuAI Open Platform. We launch a new generation of CogVLM2 series of models and open source two models based on Meta-Llama-3-8B-Instruct. Compared with the previous generation of CogVLM open source models, the CogVLM2 series of open source models have the following improvements: Significant improvements in many …

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Codium-ai / cover-agent

CodiumAI Cover-Agent: An AI-Powered Tool for Automated Test Generation and Code Coverage Enhancement! 💻🤖🧪🐞 CodiumAI Cover Agent aims to help efficiently increasing code coverage, by automatically generating qualified tests to enhance existing test suites Table of Contents News and Updates Overview Installation and Usage Development Roadmap News and Updates 2024-05-09: This repository includes the first known implementation of TestGen-LLM, described in the paper Automated …

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amalmurali47 / git_rce

Exploit PoC for CVE-2024-32002CVE-2024-32002: Exploiting Git RCE via git clone This repository contains a PoC for exploiting CVE-2024-32002, a vulnerability in Git that allows RCE during a git clone operation. By crafting repositories with submodules in a specific way, an attacker can exploit symlink handling on case-insensitive filesystems to write files into the .git/ directory, leading to the execution of malicious hooks. Note: This PoC will only work in Windows or Mac systems. Blog Post For…

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it-ebooks-0 / geektime-books

📚 极客时间电子书📚 极客时间电子书

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LLMBook-zh /

《大语言模型》作者:赵鑫,李军毅,周昆,唐天一,文继荣大语言模型 作者:赵鑫,李军毅,周昆,唐天一,文继荣 关于本书 2022年底,ChatGPT 震撼上线,大语言模型技术迅速“席卷”了整个社会,人工智能技术因此迎来了一次重要进展。面对大语言模型的强大性能,我们不禁要问:支撑这些模型的背后技术究竟是什么?这一问题无疑成为了众多科研人员的思考焦点。 必须指出的是,大模型技术并不是一蹴而就,其发展历程中先后经历了统计语言模型、神经网络语言模型、预训练语言模型等多个发展阶段,每一步的发展都凝结了众多科研工作者的心血与成果。作为大语言模型技术的重要推动者,OpenAI公司在过去深入探索了与其相关的大量技术细节,并最终推出了GPT系列模型,引领了本次技术变革。 然而,OpenAI 团队自GPT-3开始,就很少在公开的材料中提及相关技术细节,很多技术报告主要是介绍评测相关的内容。到目前为止,关于GPT系列模型的核心技术仍然难以完全解密。 目前,学术界面临的重大挑战是真正有充足资源去充分探索大语言模型训练的团队少之又少,因此导致了第一手经验匮乏,难以直接开展相关研究。 大模型训练涉及众多训练的细节…

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BlackINT3 / OpenArk

The Next Generation of Anti-Rookit(ARK) tool for Windows.OpenArk Introduction 中文说明 OpenArk is an open source anti-rookit(ARK) tool for Windows. Ark is Anti-Rootkit abbreviated, it aimmed at reversing/programming helper and also users can find out hidden malwares in the OS. More and more powerful features will be supported in future. Features Process - Process/Thread/Module/Handles/Memory/Window/Token/MemoryScan/PPL etc information view, Unload/Dll Injector x86/x64 also. Kernel - OS …

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Raphire / Win11Debloat

A simple, easy to use powershell script to remove bloatware apps from windows, disable telemetry, bing in windows search aswell as perform various other changes to declutter and improve your windows experience. This script works for both windows 10 and windows 11.Win11Debloat Win11Debloat is a simple, easy to use and lightweight powershell script that can remove pre-installed Windows bloatware apps, disable telemetry and declutter the experience by disabling or removing intrusive interface elem…

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