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Over the past couple of years I've accumulated bookmarks, saved reddit posts, and GitHub stars all related to piracy in some form or another. This list is my attempt to add structure to those resources and share them. Everything you need to get started on your pirate voyage can be found below.

I am aware that a number of websites featured in this list rely on operating under obscurity, and that this list could potentially contribute to their demise through excess exposure. I'm sorry about that - I just like making lists.

Please ensure you use an adblocker like uBlock Origin to access any of the websites listed here, otherwise you will have a bad time.


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Protecting Yourself


Browser Extensions

  • Privacy Badger Privacy Badger blocks spying ads and invisible trackers.
  • HTTPS Everywhere HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox, Chrome, and Opera extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure.
  • uBlock Origin An efficient blocker for Chromium and Firefox. Fast and lean.
  • TamperMonkey The world's most popular userscript manager
  • WebRTC Network Limiter Configures how WebRTC's network traffic is routed by changing Chrome's privacy settings.
  • ScriptSafe A browser extension that gives users control of the web and more secure browsing while emphasizing simplicity and intuitiveness.

Password Vaults

  • BitWarden Open source password management solution, can be self-hosted
  • 1Password Popular cloud-hosted password manager
  • KeePass free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.
  • LastPass LastPass remembers all your passwords, so you don't have to.




Private Trackers

Semi-Private Trackers

Public Trackers

Tracker Aggregators

  • Jackett
  • Cardigann A proxy server for adding new indexers to Sonarr, SickRage and other media managers
  • nzbhydra2 Primarily a Usenet meta search engine but also supports Torznab
  • snowfl

Tracker Invites

Torrent Clients

  • rTorrent
  • ruTorrent Yet another web front-end for rTorrent
  • rutorrent-themes A collection of default and new, original themes for ruTorrent.
  • flood A web UI for rTorrent with a Node.js backend and React frontend.
  • qBitTorrent Popular, lightweight, multi-platform torrent client
  • qBitTorrent search function Allows you to search popular trackers directly from qBittorrent
  • Transmission
  • Deluge
  • Popcorn Time Popcorn Time is a multi-platform, free software BitTorrent client that includes an integrated media player.
  • magnetoo Fancy new in-browser WebTorrent streaming service
  • Tixati Lightweight torrent client for Windows and Linux


  • /r/seedboxes A place to discuss seedboxes and everything related to them.
  • Online.net Seedbox-friendly, affordable, dedicated server host
  • Heztner Reliable and affordable server host
  • /u/Andy10gbit Reddit user with good deals on servers and seedboxen
  • Bytesized Hosting "The best Plex server hosting in town"
  • FeralHosting Shared seedbox hosting provider
  • Whatbox Whatbox is a BitTorrent CDN
  • swizzin a light, modular package management suite for media oriented servers
  • Seedbox Guide comparison tool to help you find the best fitting Seedbox
  • rtinst seedbox installation script for Ubuntu and Debian systems
  • sboxsetup Another seedbox setup script

Torrent Communities

Torrent Wikipedia Pages

Miscellaneous Torrent Stuff

  • βTorrent fully-featured WebTorrent browser client written in HTML, JS and CSS
  • UNIT3D The Nex-Gen Private Torrent Tracker (Aimed For Movie / TV Use)
  • meanTorrent A BitTorrent Private Tracker CMS with Multilingual, and IRC announce support, CloudFlare support.
  • NexusPHP BitTorrent private tracker scripts written in PHP.
  • A Simple Guide To A Better Ratio A good tracker requires you to upload what you download. This guide explains many of the methods involved with keeping on top of this sometimes difficult task.
  • Live Tracer Pre-time tracer for scene releases
  • Tracker Twitters List Of Private Torrent Trackers & BitTorrent News Accounts To Follow On Twitter


Usenet Providers

Usenet Indexers

Paid Indexers

Free Indexers

Usenet Clients

Usenet Communities

Usenet Wikipedia Pages

Direct Downloads

Custom Google Search Engines

DDL Indexers

Premium Link Generators

  • File Hosting Wiki
  • Real-Debrid Real-Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that allows you to quickly download files hosted on the Internet or instantly stream them into an innovative web player
  • Premiumize Combine direct and secure access to premium services
  • Offcloud A simple, elegant and intuitive SaaS to retrieve any data from the cloud.

Premium Link Hosts

Open Directories


  • JDownloader2 JDownloader is a free, open-source download management tool with a huge community of developers that makes downloading as easy and fast as it should be.
  • Internet Download Manager shareware download manager for Windows
  • youtube-dl youtube-dl is a command-line program to download videos from YouTube.com and a few more sites.
  • youtube-dl-gui A cross platform front-end GUI of the popular youtube-dl written in wxPython
  • annie Fast, simple and clean video downloader
  • aria2 a lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source command-line download utility.
  • ripme A album/video downloader with support for over 80 sites
  • rdcli The simple way to download and unrestrict DDL files, torrents and magnets using Real-Debrid

Streaming Sites

Miscellaneous DDL Stuff

  • Leonflix A multi-platform desktop app for finding movies and TV shows.
  • maulvi.github.io Google Drive direct download link generator
  • RapidLeech a free server transfer script for use on various popular upload/download sites such as uploaded.net, Rapidgator.net and more than 127 others.
  • megatools Open-source command line tools and C library (libmega) for accessing Mega.co.nz cloud storage.
  • /r/megalinks Links to files on Mega. Has now moved to snahp.it
  • /r/GDriveLinks Google Drive Download Links
  • MegaCrypt.js MegaCrypt.js lets you share your Mega.nz files without actually having to share any Mega.nz links by encrypting them to create a secure proxy to your files.
  • DirtyWarez Forum Popular warez forum with films, TV shows, ebooks, anime, games, and more

Media Centre Applications

  • Plex Your content—from live and recorded TV and personal media, to on-demand web shows, video news, and podcasts—beautifully organized and ready to stream everywhere.
  • Emby a personal media server with apps on just about every device.
  • Kodi an award-winning free and open source home theater/media center software and entertainment hub for digital media.
  • OpenPHT a community driven fork of Plex Home Theater
  • Viewscreen a personal video streaming server
  • Streama Self hosted streaming media server.
  • Myflix Myflix tries to be a somewhat simple and lightweight "DIY Netflix", similar to Plex, streama or Emby, for your DIY NAS, especially aimed at the Raspberry Pi/Odroid/etc ecosystem.
  • Stremio Multi-platform video content aggregator with a comprehensive add-on system for extending functionality
  • Gerbera UPnP Media Server for 2018 (Based on MediaTomb)


Plex Plugins

Plex Requests

  • Ombi Want a Movie or TV Show on Plex or Emby? Use Ombi!
  • Plex Requests
  • plexrequests-meteor Meteor version of the original Plex Requests
  • Mellow Discord Bot which can communicate with several APIs like Ombi, Sonarr, Radarr and Tautulli which are related to home streaming. Based off of node:9.3

Plex Scripts

Miscellaneous Plex Stuff

  • Tautilli Tautulli is a 3rd party application that you can run alongside your Plex Media Server to monitor activity and track various statistics.
  • Transmogrify A Chrome extension that adds several features to the Plex/Web 2.0 client for Plex
  • PlexAuth Plex based authentication using PHP
  • plexWatch Notify and Log watched content on a Plex Media Server
  • kube-plex Scalable Plex Media Server on Kubernetes -- dispatch transcode jobs as pods on your cluster!
  • linuxserver/docker-plex LinuxServer.io Plex Media Server docker image
  • plexinc/pms-docker official Plex docker image
  • timhaak/plex alternative Plex docker image
  • PlexIPTV This app simulates a DVR device for Plex by providing a layer to any IPTV provider (that provide a m3u8 playlist)
  • UnicornTranscoder a remote transcoder for Plex Media Server
  • Phlex A super-sexy voice interface for the Plex HTPC
  • plex-sync A simple command-line utility to synchronize watched / seen status between different Plex Media Servers.
  • SyncLounge third party tool that allows you to watch Plex in sync with your friends/family, wherever you are.
  • Plex-Remote-Transcoder A distributed transcoding backend for Plex
  • PlexGuide.com Deploy a multi-app supported Plex Server with an HD or GDrive
  • /r/plexshares A nice place to find Plex Media Server shares.
  • Plex Redirect a Plex landing page that redirects you to various sites.
  • Plex Media Tagger Uses the metadata held in the PlexMediaServer to tag media files
  • PlexEmail This script aggregates all new TV, movie and music releases for the past configured time then optionally writes to your web directory and sends out an email.
  • RasPlex Rasplex is a community driven port of Plex Home Theater for the Raspberry Pi
  • PlexConnect Unofficial Plex app for Apple TV devices
  • go-plex-client A Plex.tv and Plex Media Server Go client
  • Elysium Plex media streaming service
  • Plaxt Webhook-based Trakt.tv scrobbling for Plex


  • /r/Addons4Kodi discussion and links pertaining to unofficial addons for Kodi Media Center
  • Placenta a Fork of Exodus / Covenant with more options and links from Mr Blamo and Muad'Dib
  • Gaia grants the ability to instantly watch high quality files via cached torrents from Real-Debrid or Premiumize.
  • Yoda another solid Exodus/Covenant fork, and this time its from S-media.
  • Elementum Elementum addon is an addon for Kodi, that manages your virtual library, syncs with your Trakt account .
  • Tooonmania2 lets you watch cartoons, dubbed anime and movies (from animetoon) and subbed anime and movies (from animeplus)
  • PlexKodiConnect Plex integration in Kodi done right
  • Official Plex Addon Official Plex addon for Kodi







  • Soulseek Soulseek is an ad-free, spyware free, just plain free file sharing network for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Gazelle web framework geared towards private torrent trackers with a focus on music
  • irs A music downloader that understands your metadata needs.
  • SMLoadr A streaming music downloader.
  • Deezloader Tool for downloading music from Deezer
  • /r/DeezloaderIsBack Community supporting Deezloader
  • Get rid of Spotify ads Short guide on avoiding ads, banners, limited skips, and locked shuffle mode in Spotify Free
  • Spotify Megathread /r/Piracy Spotify-related discussion and future developments
  • EZBlocker a Spotify Ad Blocker written in C# for Windows 7/8/10.
  • TunesKit iTunes DRM removal tool
  • Requiem Requiem is a program that removes Apple's DRM (called FairPlay) from songs, videos, and books purchased on iTunes
  • How to Remove DRM From iTunes Movies and TV Shows HowToGeek article on how to use TunesKit and Requiem





  • AudioBook Bay Download unabridged audiobook for free or share your audio books, safe, fast and high quality



  • MangaDex MangaDex is an online manga reader that caters to all languages.
  • KissManga
  • /r/manga Everything and anything manga! (manwha is okay too!)



  • Sonarr Smart PVR for newsgroup and bittorrent users.
  • Radarr A fork of Sonarr to work with movies à la Couchpotato.
  • Lidarr Looks and smells like Sonarr but made for music.
  • Bazarr Bazarr is a companion application to Sonarr and Radarr. It manages and downloads subtitles based on your requirements.
  • Bonarr A fork of Radarr to work with porn.
  • Pulsarr Browser extension (currently Chrome & Firefox) for adding movies to Radarr or Series' to Sonarr while browsing IMDB or TVDB.
  • traktarr Script to add new series & movies to Sonarr/Radarr based on Trakt lists.
  • CouchPotato Automatic Movie Downloading via NZBs & Torrents
  • SickRage Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows.
  • SickChill an automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows.
  • SickBeard The ultimate PVR application that searches for and manages your TV shows
  • SickGear SickGear has proven the most reliable stable TV fork of the great Sick-Beard to fully automate TV enjoyment with innovation.
  • Medusa Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows.
  • Headphones Automatic music downloader for SABnzbd
  • FlexGet FlexGet is a multipurpose automation tool for all of your media with support for torrents, nzbs, podcasts, comics, TV, movies, RSS, HTML, CSV, and more.
  • LazyLibrarian LazyLibrarian is a program to follow authors and grab metadata for all your digital reading needs.
  • CloudBox An All-In-One, Cloud Centric, Media Server Solution
  • Piracy and automation, an overview Guide by /u/JukeCity101 on how to improve your experience pirating with automation tools

P2P Networks

Ripping, Transcoding, Converting

Cloud Storage

  • google-drive-ocamlfuse FUSE filesystem over Google Drive
  • rclone "rsync for cloud storage"
  • plexdrive mounts your Google Drive FUSE filesystem (optimized for media playback)
  • /r/PlexACD Discussion about unlimited cloud storage for Plex libraries
  • rclone-gdrive Wiki page on setting up Google Drive with rclone cache and crypt

File Renaming and Tagging

  • FileBot the ultimate tool for organizing and renaming your Movies, TV Shows and Anime as well as fetching subtitles and artwork. It's smart and just works.
  • filebot-node a client-server application that'll allow you to run filebot commands
  • docker-filebot A docker container for FileBot
  • MediaMonkey Manage a movie/music library from 100 to 100,000+ audio/video files and playlists
  • MP3TAG Mp3tag is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to edit metadata of audio files.
  • Picard Picard is a cross-platform music tagger written in Python.

Mobile Apps

  • nzb360 nzb360 is a full-featured NZB manager that focuses on providing the best experience possible for controlling all of your usenet needs.
  • Ombi
  • Tautulli Remote
  • MyJDownloader enables you to remote control your desktop JDownloader from your pocket while you're on the go.
  • FilePursuit Pro FilePursuit provides a very powerful file indexing and search service allowing you to find a file among millions of files located on web servers.

Streaming Apps

  • TerrariumTV V6 of this newly-fixed app for streaming TV and film. Features Trakt.tv and Real-Debrid integration
  • Kokotime Kokotime is an addon-based, simple, free and elegantly designed app that will let you watch all your favorite media content in a unique and elegant user friendly design
  • Mobdro Mobdro constantly searches the web for the best free video streams and brings them to your device.
  • Cinema a lot of Movies & TV/Shows to watch and download.
  • Fildo Music streaming app

Torrent Apps

  • Transdrone Transdrone allows you to manage the torrents you run on your home server or seedbox.
  • Flud Flud is a simple and beautiful BitTorrent client for Android.
  • BiglyBT Free, open source torrent client for Android phone, tablet, Chromebook, & Android TV
  • LibreTorrent LibreTorrent is a Free as in Freedom torrent client for Android 4+, based on libtorrent.



  • telly IPTV proxy for Plex Live written in Golang
  • tvheadend Tvheadend is a TV streaming server for Linux supporting DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T, ATSC, IPTV,SAT>IP and other formats through the unix pipe as input sources.
  • /r/IPTV Subreddit some may find helpful for gauging the current state of IPTV providers
  • /r/iptvresellers promotions and advertisements from IPTV providers
  • /r/IPTVReviews Reviews of IPTV service providers
  • MythTV Free Open Source software digital video recorder

IRC and DC++

IRC Networks

Full Movies On

Piracy Blogs and News

Content Discovery

  • Trakt.tv a platform that does many things, but primarily keeps track of TV shows and movies you watch.
  • IMDb Find movies, TV shows, celebrities, and more
  • Movieo Discover, organize and track over 250,000 movies.
  • MetaCritic website that aggregates reviews of media products: music albums, video games, films, TV shows, and formerly, books.
  • popular-movies Tries to create a list of popular movies based on a series of heuristics
  • Letterboxd Your life in film
  • Squawkr.io sends notifications when movies are available for download.
  • 2160p BluRay Remux List Complete list of all available 2160p remuxes

Dashboards and Homepages

  • Muximux A lightweight way to manage your HTPC
  • Heimdall An Application dashboard and launcher
  • Organizr HTPC/Homelab Services Organizer - Written in PHP
  • weboas.is Homepage for pirates
  • Anonmasky Anonmasky is a beautiful startpage for geeks out there. Clone of weboas.is.
  • iDashboard-PHP HTPC Dashboard to load website services, written in PHP (predecessor to Organizr)
  • HTPC-Manager A fully responsive interface to manage all your favorite software on your Htpc.


  • autosub Command-line utility for auto-generating subtitles for any video file
  • MediaServer-DockerComposeFiles Docker-Compose Files for Media Server Related Apps [Radarr, Sonarr, Plex, rTorrent, NZBGet, Ombi, Emby, etc]
  • usenet-docker Docker-compose configuration for Sabnzbd, CouchPotato, Plex, Sonarr, Plexpy, Nzbhydra, Muximux, Radarr, NZBGet and Ombi with a Nginx proxy.
  • Unblocked Proxy site for accessing your favourite blocked sites

Unsorted and To Do List

  • documentaries
  • more subcategories
  • more wikipedia pages/further reading
  • userscripts
  • discord servers
  • more IRC stuff
  • upload to a few mirrors


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