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Android Interview Questions

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Android Interview Questions - Your Cheat Sheet For Android Interview

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Data Structures And Algorithms

The level of questions asked on Data Structures And Algorithms totally depends on the company for which you are applying.

  • Array
  • LinkedList
  • DoublyLinkedList
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • PriorityQueue
  • Dynamic Programming
  • String Manipulation
  • Binary Tree
  • Binary Search Tree
  • Sorting Algorithms
  • Hash Table or Hash Map
  • Breadth First Search
  • Depth First Search
  • Greedy Algorithm

Core Java

  • Explain OOP Concept.
  • Differences between abstract classes and interfaces?
  • What is serialization? How do you implement it?
  • What is Singleton class?
  • What is anonymous classes?
  • What is the difference between using == and .equals on a string?
  • What is the hashCode() and equals() used for?
  • What are these final, finally and finalize?
  • What is memory leak and how does Java handle it?
  • What is garbage collector? How it works?
  • Arrays vs ArrayLists.
  • HashSet vs TreeSet.
  • Typecast in Java.
  • Difference between method overloading and overriding.
  • What are the access modifiers you know? What does each one do?
  • Can an Interface extend another Interface?
  • What does the static word mean in Java?
  • Can a static method be overridden in Java?
  • What is Polymorphism? What about Inheritance?
  • What is the difference between an Integer and int?
  • Do objects get passed by reference or value in Java? Elaborate on that.
  • What is a ThreadPoolExecutor? Link
  • What the difference between local, instance and class variables?
  • What is reflection?
  • What are strong, soft and weak references in Java?
  • What is dependency injection? Can you name few libraries? Have you used any?
  • What does the keyword synchronized mean?
  • What does it means to say that a String is immutable?
  • What are transient and volatile modifiers?
  • What is the finalize() method?
  • How does the try{}finally{} works?
  • What is the difference between instantiation and initialization of an object?
  • When is a static block run?
  • Explain Generics in Java?
  • Difference between StringBuffer and StringBuilder?
  • How is a StringBuilder implemented to avoid the immutable string allocation problem?
  • What is Autoboxing and Unboxing?
  • What’s the difference between an Enumeration and an Iterator?
  • What is the difference between fail-fast and fail safe in Java?
  • What is Java priority queue?
  • What are the design patterns? Link

Core Android

  • Explain activity lifecycle.
  • Tell all the Android appplication components.
  • Service vs IntentService.
  • What is the structure of an Android Application?
  • How to persist data in an Android app?
  • How would you perform a long-running operation in an application?
  • How would you communicate between two Fragments?
  • Explain Android notification system?
  • How can two distinct Android apps interact?
  • What is Fragment?
  • Explain the lifecycle of a Fragment.
  • What is Dialog in Android?
  • What is View in Android?
  • Can you create custom views? How?
  • What are ViewGroups and how they are different from the views?
  • What is the difference between a fragment and an activity? Explain the relationship between the two.
  • What is the difference between Serializable and Parcelable? Which is the best approach in Android?
  • What are "launch modes"? Link
  • What are Intents?
  • What is an Implicit Intent?
  • What is an Explicit Intent?
  • What is an AsyncTask?
  • What is a BroadcastReceiver?
  • What is DDMS and what can you do with it?
  • What is the support library? Why was it introduced?
  • What is a ContentProvider and what is it typically used for?
  • What is ADB?
  • What is ANR? How can the ANR be prevented?
  • What is AndroidManifest.xml?
  • Describe how broadcasts and intents work to be able to pass messages around your app?
  • How do you handle Bitmaps in Android as it takes too much memory?
  • What are different ways to store data in your Android app?
  • What is the Dalvik Virtual Machine?
  • What is the relationship between the life cycle of an AsyncTask and an Activity? What problems can this result in? How can these problems be avoided?
  • What is the function of an intent filter?
  • What is a Sticky Intent?
  • What is AIDL? Enumerate the steps in creating a bounded service through AIDL.
  • What are the different protection levels in permission?
  • How would you preserve Activity state during a screen rotation?
  • Relative Layout vs Linear Layout.
  • How to implement XML namespaces?
  • Difference between View.GONE and View.INVISIBLE?
  • What is the difference between a regular bitmap and a nine-patch image?
  • Tell about the bitmap pool. Link
  • How to avoid memory leaks in Android?
  • What are widgets on Home-Screen in Android?
  • What is AAPT?
  • How do you find memory leaks in Android applications?
  • How do you troubleshoot a crashing application?
  • Why should you avoid to run non-ui code on the main thread?
  • How did you support different types of resolutions?
  • What is Doze? What about App Standby?
  • What can you use for background processing in Android?
  • What is ORM? How does it work?
  • What is a Loader?
  • What is the NDK and why is it useful?
  • What is the StrictMode? Link
  • What is Lint? What is it used for?
  • What is a SurfaceView?
  • What is the difference between ListView and RecyclerView?
  • What is the ViewHolder pattern? Why should we use it?
  • What is a PendingIntent?
  • Can you manually call the Garbage collector?
  • What is the best way to update the screen periodically?
  • What are the different types of Broadcasts?
  • Have you developed widgets? Describe. Link
  • What is Context? How is it used? Link
  • Do you know what is the view tree? How can you optimize its depth?
  • What is the onTrimMemory method?
  • Is it possible to run an Android app in multiple processes? How?
  • How does the OutOfMemory happens?
  • What is a spannable?
  • What is renderscript? Link
  • What are the differences between Dalvik and ART?
  • FlatBuffers vs JSON. Link
  • What are Annotations? Link, Link
  • Tell about Constraint Layout Link
  • HashMap, ArrayMap and SparseArray Link
  • Explain Looper, Handler and HandlerThread. Link
  • How to reduce battery usage in an android application? Link
  • What is SnapHelper? Link


  • Describe the architecture of your last app.
  • Describe MVP. Link
  • What is presenter?
  • What is model?
  • Describe MVC.
  • What is controller?
  • Describe MVVM. Link
  • Tell something about clean code Link

Design Problem

  • Design Uber App.
  • Design Facebook App.
  • Design Facebook Near-By Friends App.
  • Design WhatsApp.
  • Design SnapChat.
  • Design problems based on location based app.

Tools And Technologies

Android Test Driven Development

  • What is Espresso? Link
  • What is Robolectric? Link
  • What is UI-Automator? Link
  • Explain unit test.
  • Explain instrumented test.
  • Have you done unit testing or automatic testing?
  • Why Mockito is used? [Link] (http://site.mockito.org/)
  • Describe JUnit test.


  • Describe how REST APIs work.
  • Describe SQLite.
  • Describe database.
  • Project Management tool - trello, basecamp, kanban, jira, asana.
  • About build System - gradle, ant, buck.
  • Reverse Engineering an APK.
  • What is proguard used for?
  • What is obfuscation? What is it used for? What about minification?
  • How do you build your apps for release?
  • APK Size Reduction. Link
  • Android Development Best Practices. Link
  • Android Code Style And Guidelines. Link
  • Have you tried Kotlin? Link
  • What are the metrics that you should measure continuously while android application development? Link

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