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Pack JS code into a single bundle fast & easy.


The goal for fastpack is to provide fast and robust development time bundling for JavaScript applications which scales up to tens of thounsands of modules without sacrificing development experience.

We want sub-1000ms bundle time and sub-100ms incremental rebundle time for medium-sized applications (around 1000 modules). We are finally there!


You can install via npm (or yarn):

% npm install fpack


To produce a development bundle:

% fpack --development ./index.js

To produce a production bundle:

% fpack ./index.js \
  --postprocess 'babel --presets env' \
  --postprocess 'uglify -cm'

Note that babel, babel-preset-env and uglify-js packages must be installed.


Run fpack --help to see the available invocation options:

       fpack - Pack JavaScript code into a single bundle

       fpack [OPTION]... [ENTRY POINTS]...

           Entry points. Default: ['.']

       -d, --debug
           Print debug output

           Build bundle for development

       --help[=FMT] (default=auto)
           Show this help in format FMT. The value FMT must be one of `auto',
           `pager', `groff' or `plain'. With `auto', the format is `pager` or
           `plain' whenever the TERM env var is `dumb' or undefined.

           Mock PACKAGE requests with SUBSTITUTE requests. If SUBSTITUTE is
           omitted empty module is used.

       -n NAME, --name=NAME (absent=index.js)
           Output File Name. The target bundle filename will be NAME

           Do not use cache at all (effective in development mode only)

       --node-modules=PATH, --nm=PATH
           Paths to 'node_modules' directory. Should be inside the project
           directory.. Defaults to ['node_modules']

       -o DIR, --output=DIR (absent=./bundle)
           Output Directory. The target bundle will be DIR/index.js.

           Apply shell command on a bundle file. The content of the bundle
           will be sent to STDIN and STDOUT output will be collected. If
           multiple commands are specified they will be applied in the order
           of appearance

           Preprocess modules matching the PATTERN with the PROCESSOR.
           Optionally, the processor may receive some OPTIONS in form:
           'x=y&a=b'. There are 2 kinds of currently supported processors:
           'builtin' and the Webpack loader. 'builtin' preprocessor provides
           the following transpilers: stripping Flow types, object spread &
           rest operators, class properties (including statics), class/method
           decorators, and React-assumed JSX conversion. 'builtin' may be
           skipped when setting this option, i.e. '\.js$' and '\.js$:builtin'
           are absolutely equal. An example of using the Webpack loader:

       --report=[ json ] (absent=text)
           Output packer statistics

           Provide extensions to be considered by the resolver for the
           extension-less path. Extensions will be tried in the specified
           order. If no extension should be tried, provide '' as an argument.
           Defaults to [.js, .json]

       --target=[ app | esm | cjs ] (absent=app)
           Deployment target.

           Show version information.

       -w, --watch
           Watch file changes and rebuild bundle


Make sure you have esy installed:

npm install -g esy

Now install dependencies & build everything:

make bootstrap

Then to produce the executable:

make build

To run tests:

make test

To test compiled executables prepend with esy x:

esy x fpack

As merlin and others live inside sandboxed environment you'd want to execute your editor from inside it:

esy vim
esy nvim
esy vscode
esy sublime

Alternatively you can enter into sandboxed shell:

esy shell

And execute commands from there.

Release Process

Currently release process is assumed to be performed on macOS with Docker installed. Docker is needed to produce Linux x64 binaries.

Run either of those:

% make release-patch
% make release-minor
% make release-major

After that succeeds follow the printed instructions.

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